Il Soldo Editore

We create a customized editorial project,
making and publishing your work.

Il Soldo Editore is an initiative of the Samperi Typography born to encourage the publishing sector. Thanks to the technical experience in the sector and the collaboration of external partners, it proposes to help authors with editing, graphic distribution and promotion services.
With the publishing house Il Soldo editore, an author can choose the method that best meets his editorial needs and will be able to create, publish and sell his book.
Especially for those who are in their first publication, but also for those who have already published, after having drafted their own book, it is time to create it, encountering problems of layout, creation of the cover, choice of the most suitable paper, packaging of the book, availability of isbn barcodes and much more.
With the publishing house Il Soldo editore all you have to do is write your work. We can satisfy all needs, be they economic, qualitative, technical or realization, in order to give you the possibility to create, publish and sell your work.

Innovation, Creativity, Experience, Passion.

These are the ingredients for the success of our publications. With Il Soldo editore the care of the production of the books is expressed in all the phases of realization, starting from the editorial project. Layout care, creativity in preparing the cover, the use of modern digital technologies that allow print proofs in real time. They are part of the recipe that allows us to quickly offer the best possible product, also thanks to a careful choice of papers and the ability to add enhancements and customizations.
The Samperi Typography was born as a bookbinding in 1915, in all these years it has distinguished itself for the quality of the books published and produced for other publishers with whom we continue to collaborate.
The Il Soldo editore project is inspired by the publishing experience of the Samperi Typography of the 70s/80s led by Aurelio Samperi: Il Soldo, settimanale utile. The latter was a free and denouncing newspaper, it gave the opportunity to write to all those who wanted to tell the lights and shadows of the city of Messina. Between 1976 and 1985 it became the beating heart of independent journalism in the entire province, overcoming the circulation of 10,000 weekly copies.
Now, in the wake of a continuous evolution, with the publishing house Il Soldo editore, we want to dedicate ourselves specifically to understanding the needs and ideas of the authors.
With us, you are always sure to see your books published with absolute quality, attention to detail and with an economic advantage and personal satisfaction.

Our publications:

If you want to order our books, follow the instructions to complete the request.

Publish your book

Create your own editorial product
choosing the services you need.
  • GRAPHICS (layout and cover)
  • EDITING (text revision)
  • DISTRIBUTION (clamp display)
  • WEB PROMOTION (website, reading groups. Social and events)
  • LIVE PROMOTION (presentation at fairs, exhibitions, libraries and events, advertising)

Your book will also be on our online catalog where it can be purchased directly.

Or you can opt for one of our standard packages:
  • BASIC PACKAGE (graphic layout and cover + print)
  • PREMIUM PACKAGE (graphic layout and cover + printing + editing + a fourth service of your choice)
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publish your book with Il Soldo publisher
If you have not completed your book yet, you can ask us for a free consultation
Instructions for ordering from the catalog

To order books already in the catalog write to us indicating:

  • Book’s title
  • ISBN code
  • Quantity of volumes
  • Shipping address
    We will respond promptly.



Via XXIV Maggio, 5498122 Messina


(+39) 090774802



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